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BioSignature for Fat Loss



Biotyping is gaining popularity amongst health care professionals, personal trainers and nutritionists. It is a concept whereby nutrition recommendations are individualised to your metabolism and biochemical individuality to help you lose weight or improve your health. One particular biotyping concept that is gaining popularity is BioSignature Modulation developed by Charles Poliquin. It is a very quick and non-invasive way to establish body composition (body fat percentage compared to muscle mass), regional fat distribution and hormone profiles.

Poliquin believes we accumulate fat in certain areas because certain hormones are too high, too low or just out of balance and is based on 30 years of his own data. There is research to suggest that higher body fat levels disrupt hormones causing diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer and there is also evidence to support some of Poliquin’s assertions of hormones causing regional fat distribution.

The BioSignature system works around 6 different hormones causing regional fat distribution:

The androgens – bingo wings and man boobs
Insulin – muffin top
Oestrogens – saddlebags
Cortisol – pooch belly
Growth hormone – chubby knees and calves
Thyroid hormones – fat over the ribs

Androgen type

In obese men a decline in testosterone is observed, whereas in obese women there are higher levels of testosterone such as those seen in polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). However the BioSignature system suggests excess fat on the triceps (back of the upper arm) indicates low androgen levels (male sex hormones) including testosterone.

Research from California on healthy young men found that lowering their circulating testosterone lead to increased fat storage on the appendices and abdomen, whereas elevating testosterone concentrations above normal levels caused fat loss in these areas. Similarly, in male adolescents with lower DHEA – a precursor to androgens – there were significantly lower levels of mid arm muscle mass compared to boys with normal levels of DHEA. Research from the Netherlands reported that free testosterone levels were correlated with the shoulder blade to triceps skin fold ratio in females.

Excess fat on the chest indicates the conversion of male sex hormones to female sex hormones. Research from Canada demonstrated this conversion of hormones was between 6 and 30 times greater on the torso than on the abdomen.The Department of Paediatric Endocrinology at Süleyman Demirel University in Turkey suggested circulating leptin – a hormone released from fat cells – stimulates the conversion of male sex hormones to female sex hormones causing breast tissue to grow in boys. The more body fat you have, the more leptin you release which changes your hormones and tells your body to grow man boobs.

If you have this regional fat distribution on the arms and chest boost your testosterone naturally by consuming more protein, magnesium, zinc and B vitamins and eat foods containing flavonoids that naturally reduce the conversion of male hormones to female hormones. These nutrients include quercetin, naringenin, chrysin, daidzein and genistein found in flax seeds, apples, berries, onions and green tea. Resveratrol, a polyphenol found in red wine has also been found to help.

Insulin type

A regional fat distribution on the shoulder blade and top of the hips – the muffin top – reflects insulin resistance. Research from The Medical College of Wisconsin suggests that the shoulder blade skinfold may help identify pre-menopausal women at risk for type 2 diabetes. Additionally research from Spain reported that both obese pre-pubescent boys and girls had significantly elevated values of insulin and glucose that were correlated with the muffin top and shoulder blade skin fold thickness. Research from the Department of Human Biology at Maastricht University reported that shoulder blade skinfold thickness remained significantly associated with persistent impaired glucose tolerance.

Consume more fish oil and eat a higher protein, lower carbohydrate diet as well as eating regular meals with additional fibre to stabilise blood sugar. The prestigious Journal of the American Medical Associationreported that a low GL diet helps to reduce insulin, triglycerides and aids weight loss in overweight and obese people.

Various herbs such as fenugreek, bitter gourd and gymnema silvestra lower blood sugar, inhibit glucose uptake in the small intestine and have adaptogenic properties on insulin production. The spice cinnamon has been shown to improve insulin function and possess blood sugar lowering properties says a scientific review from Thames Valley. Cambridge University demonstrated that a diet rich in vitamin C lowered the risk of developing diabetes by 62% and chromium deficiency is associated with insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. Chromium supplementation improves insulin sensitivity, reduces blood pressure and reduces free radical damage to DNA.

Thyroid type
Fat stored on the ribs cage midway between the armpit and the top of the hips reflects levels of thyroid hormones with a low body fat score here indicating a healthy thyroid. There is research to suggest that as waist circumference (generally measured at the narrowest part between the ribs and the hips) and BMI increased T3 and thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) levels increased whereas T4 levels decreased suggesting a change in thyroid function. However at present more research is needed to support the claims of the rib cage site reflecting thyroid function.

Nutrition recommendations for this site include eating fish, onions, asparagus for iodine and poultry, fish, almonds, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds for tyrosine as these nutrients make the thyroid hormones. Foods containing selenium, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin B6 help the conversion of the inactive form of thyroid hormone (T4) to the active form (T3).

Cortisol type

Fat on the tummy region reflects excess exposure to the stress hormone cortisol. Research from the University of California demonstrated that women with a higher waist to hip ratio and central obesity reported more chronic stress and secreted significantly more cortisol during a stress test than women with a low waist to hip ratio. Similarly research from Spain demonstrated that disrupted cortisol levels lead to a distribution of fat on the abdominals.

Removing and reducing your exposure to stressors thus reducing cortisol is called for to reduce abdominal fat accumulation. Poliquin suggests one of the most common stressors to our system is the consumption of foods that we are intolerant to. These include wheat, dairy, soy, eggs, nuts, yeast and corn. Simply reducing exposure to these foods may reduce the stress on the gastrointestinal and immune system lowering stress hormone output. Another important stress reducer is controlling blood sugar by eating regular meals that have a well-balanced protein, fat and carbohydrate ratio to support good insulin function.
There are various herbs that are known to help reduce stress, one of the more well known being rhodiola. Vitamin C, B5 and magnesium are also traditionally used to help with stress as they are used up by the adrenal glands to make stress hormones. Supplementing with these nutrients may be of benefit.

Oestrogen type
Fat on the bum and thighs reflects a higher exposure to oestrogen (both self made and environmental) and poor oestrogen metabolism. Research from Denmark has shown that both men and women have oestrogen receptors on fat cells; men having more receptors on fat underneath the skin whereas women have equal numbers of oestrogen receptors on fat around the organs as well as fat beneath the skin, women have also been shown to have a higher number of fat cells on the bum and thighs and have higher enzyme activity that causes absorption of fat from the circulation in this area.

Research studies have also shown that leg fat such as on the bum and thighs increased in response to hormone treatment such as with oestrogen, whereas research conducted on drugs that suppressed the body’s oestrogen production showed there were significant increases of trunk but not leg fat. Oestrogen administered by a drip also demonstrated that the breakdown of fat decreased in fat underneath the skin, particularly on the thighs. These studies support the role played by oestrogen in fat accumulation on the bum and thighs.

Supporting oestrogen metabolism and elimination helps people to lose fat on the bum and thighs. Consuming foods such as broccoli, cabbage and other cruciferous vegetables containing sulphurophane and indoles have been shown to up regulate enzymes in the liver that metabolise oestrogen to the safe 2 hydroxyoestrogen.Other nutrients that are beneficial to oestrogen metabolism are phytoestrogens such as some soy products and flax seeds, omega 3 fats the supplement DIM. Oestrogens are also metabolised by the process of methylation in the liver so consuming foods rich in methyl donors such as B12, B6 and folic acid may also be useful.

Growth hormone type
Excess fat on the knee and calf reflects low levels of growth hormone. Research has found that growth hormone deficient adults had more body fat that normalised after growth hormone replacement therapy, however these sites are not yet well enough researched to provide conclusive answers and we rely on Poliquin’s own data for this association. Growth hormone can be boosted by the use of both glutamine and arginine supplements.

How to Lose Weight While Battling PCOS


pcos fat loss – If you have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome also termed as PCOS, compared to no shocker for you when I say it really is hard to lose weight. Well the good news is their might be hope. I used to be identified as having PCOS in November of 2008 however have no clue the length of time I needed lived with it. I do know I really could not slim down since having my child in 2005. Since November I’ve lost about 16 pounds. Here’s how I did so it.

First I visited the physician and told him all of my symptoms together an ultrasound. If you haven’t carried this out but think you may have PCOS call your medical professional immediately and schedule an appointment. He prescribed medicines called Metformin. It is in reality for diabetics but can be familiar with treat metabolic disorders and PCOS. I take 4 pills per day with food. I take 2 in the morning and immediately eat something then I take 2 through the night with my late night snack. I can’t stress that enough, eat something when taking Metformin. We have been going for a pill called Lipodrene. This is a slimming pill. You can get it in several variations (i.e. ephedra extract, hoodia). I favor the ephedra extract. I take 2 pills each morning and 1 pill around lunch.

pcos fat loss results – Like I said before, We have lost around 16 pounds since November. Which is excellent considering I’ve not been able to budge the scales for 3 years. I love these two pills. The prescribed Metformin has helped stop my chin area acne, my hair on your face, and my irregular periods. The over-the-counter Lipodrene helps me lose weight really fast. I really believe this time around after i am inside my goal weight, I am able to stay at achieve weight. One of the benefits is the fact that now I am feeling very confident which i’ve not experienced since before my pregnancy.

Wine Channel TV Ultimate Wine Guide Tasting Experience with Jessica Altieri | CS,CWAS®

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Leading the Way Into a New Age for Wine Tasting

wine tv – Wine Channel TV,  the leading digital wine guide presents the Ultimate Wine Guide Tasting Experience, presented by Jessica Altieri, CS,CWAS® and CEO of Wine Channel TV. Watch with your own personal wine guide on Wine TV 24 hours a day.

Imagine having an acclaimed sommelier personally walk you through the new world of wine, showing you perfect pairings and granting you inside access to world-renowned vineyards and winemakers. Experience the adventure of traveling from France to New Zealand to the Napa Valley, all through your eager palate. Taste the difference between varietals and learn the history of Champagne. Meet the winemakers through a virtual experience that brings the vineyard to you. And, more importantly, fall in love with the wine lifestyle and join us in a new age for wine. It’s a digital wine guide presented online and on-air with Wine Channel TV and Wine TV.

wine guide – Your host, Jessica Altieri, is a world-class sommelier, and one of the youngest judges to participate in the prestigious San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition – one of the largest wine competitions in North America with over 5,500 wines submitted each year. She is also a wine contributor for ABC 7 Chicago Windy City Live, and the host, spokesperson and judge for the International Wine Channel TV Awards. Certified as a California Wine Appellation Specialist, Jess has more than five years of experience in the Sonoma region alone. In addition, she has extensive experience with New Zealand wines, even participating in the 2013 New Zealand Pinot Noir Event. She also has a close relationship with the “rock star of winemakers,” Jean-Charles Boisset of Raymond Vineyards.

Here’s what experts are saying about her signature “No-BS” approach to wine:

“Jess brings joie de vivre, excitement and exuberance to the wine world.”
– Jean-Charles Boisset

“She brings a great, modern, fun and youthful energy to wine that I’ve not encountered before. Jess certainly strips it back to what it’s actually all about – deliciousness!”
– Clive Dougall, Winemaker at Seresin Estate Wines

“Jessica is a typical millennial: aggressive, adventurous, skeptical and a wine drinker. And as the founder of Wine Channel TV, she is trying to make the snooty world of wine tasting more appealing to her generation.”
– Reuters

“I’ve never forgotten her! Infectious personality, energetic, wine smart and tells it as it is – just what all wine consumers need with such a vast array of wines to choose from.”
– Alastair Maling MW, Group Winemaker, Villa Maria

Wine TV wine guide personalized tasting experiences offer a unique approach by combining the ancient art of winemaking with the latest trends and technology. Each experience can be enjoyed by either an intimate group or hundreds of guests at a large scale event.

Discover the world of wine through these personalized experiences:
–    Explore New Zealand (orUnlocking the Mysteries of New Zealand) Anexploration of 6 great regions that are taking the U.S. by storm.
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–    Sonoma Sips (or Sonoma: We Were Here First) A seasonal adventure in Sonoma’s versatility.
–    Sip & Shop Enjoy Lifestyle Pairings with the latest in wine and fashion.
–    Power of Pinot (or The Pinot Persuasion) Be seduced by the world’s sexiest grape.
–    White Out World (or Escape to the White Grape) Think outside the Chardonnay.
–    Champagne & Sparkling Wine Make your next holiday or gathering pop!

Be sure to visit Wine Channel TV and Wine TV at for the Ultimate Wine Guide entertainment show in 2015.Wine Channel TV and Wine TV with Jessica Altieri is a fun wine and travel lifestyle channel to learn about wine in a fun and entertaining way. Watch Wine TV for wine reviews, wine news, wine travel, food and wine pairings from winemakers around the world. Visit and watch Wine TV shows from wine regions with winemakers, celebrity chefs and more.

Saker att hålla utkik efter när du köper Bean Bags Online

rabatt Hörnsoffa online – Det finns definitivt en hel del saker som vi kan göra nu när vi njuter av alla funktioner i Internet. En av de praktiska saker som vi kan göra i bekvämligheter i vårt eget hem är att göra vår shopping med hjälp av en bra bärbar dator som drivs av internet. Den online-marknaden är en gränslös mötesplats där du kan hitta alla möjliga saker från mat till aktivitets kuponger och även möbler. Du kan köpa din alldeles egna sittsäckar på nätet förutsatt att du akta av följande saker.

site äkthet
Om online-marknaden har invaderats av alla typer av företag under solen, kan du vara säker på att bluffmakare och andra bedragare har tagit sina varor där. Det enda problemet med shopping på nätet är att du inte kan se den faktiska sak som säljs. Detta sätter du i underläge eftersom bilder kan lätt tas från autentiska platser och klistras in bedragaren hemsida. Vad du kan göra för att undvika att bli lurad är att köpa från autentiska webbplatser eller de motsvarigheter i verkliga butiker som du litar på.

Säkra betalningsalternativ
Sittsäck online – Brott är en annan sak som har vidtagits för att den digitala världen som innebär hackare och andra fusk få dina kreditkortsuppgifter genom olagliga medel och använda dem på din bekostnad. För att du inte blir lurade, betala dina räkningar via säkra webbplatser eller via betrodda betalningspartner. Undvik att ge dina kortuppgifter fritt utan förbehåll brotts individer bara väntar på godtrogna personer att vara deras nästa offer. Om du inte är säker på webbplatsen, inte heller du känner dig säker med sin faktureringsprocess, gå med din gut och aldrig ge dina kortuppgifter.

Jämför att spara
Saccosäck online – Nätet har en otroligt stort urval av nätbutiker och ur dessa många val, det borde finnas minst en som säljer den typ av bönor väska som du vill. Härda i att titta runt eftersom hemsidor är bra ställen att hitta stora fynd och stora rabatter. Eftersom de inte har omkostnader så stora som faktiska butiker, det finns en ganska stor chans att deras produkt mark ups inte blir lika höga som de du hittar i butikerna.

Matta plattor – det moderna sättet att Mattor


Människan har alltid varit intresserad av att hitta sätt att uppnå komfort och lyx utan att behöva tillgripa hårda kroppsarbete och utan att spendera för mycket av sina surt förvärvade pengar. Mattor ses som ett sätt att lysa eller piffa upp ett utrymme i ett hem eller kontor speciellt om den är installerad vägg till vägg.
Problemet med gamla stil vägg till vägg mattor var att du behövde två eller flera personer för att ha det installerat främst på grund av dess betungande vikt. Det kräver också installation av en professionell. Numera behöver folk vill ha vägg till vägg mattor i sina hem och kontor, men de vill inte spendera alltför mycket av sina surt förvärvade pengar bara för att de stora och medelstora mattor och passande avgifter för matt installatörer är ganska dyra. Förutom om man tröttnar på utseendet på vägg till vägg mattor i ett särskilt rum som du måste bli av med en stor matta.

Design möbler lager – Detta är i första hand orsaken bakom produktionen av textilplattor, där du inte spendera så mycket på mattan och installation av mattan. Textilplattor försäljningen har ökat efter människor fick reda på hur prisvärd de är, för att inte tala om hur enkelt det är att installera. Man måste helt enkelt köpa en uppsättning plattor, kakel lim, en linjal, en skarp kakel cutter, och du är redo att gå.
modern inredning outlet – Enkel installation gör att du kan byta helt nya och begagnade mattor från ett rum till ett annat, vilket gör att stora besparingar. Textilplattor, även, kommer i en mängd olika texturer och designs låta ägarna att göra sin egen design beroende på deras infall och fantasi. De behöver inte ens att överföra den från ett rum till ett annat, de kan helt enkelt byta brickor i samma rum och ett helt nytt utseende uppnås.
Sittmöbler online – Vill du ha ett rum som ser chica men vill inte ha en stor buckla i din plånbok? Varför inte välja det senaste inom mattor istället. Med det stora utbudet av mönster, texturer och priser, är du säker på att hitta en som passar dig.

Underhåll är väldigt enkelt. Du skulle behöva ett vakuum eller matta sopmaskin, och en matta schampo eller tvål. Dammsugning mattan att ta bort smuts som förs in genom dagliga gångtrafik. Mattan schampo eller tvål tar bort alla fläckar som orsakas av ett spill eller ditt husdjur.

Textilplattor är också återvinningsbara. Det finns återvinningsanläggningar som nu accepterar slitna mattan plattor som normalt skulle hamna i en soptipp plats vilket minskar mängden unrecyclable sopor. De återvunna textilplattor ser lika bra som en helt helt ny matta kakel men med mindre kostnader.